Skincare Routine Tutorials


 The Minimalist Skincare Routine:

One of the Otelier essences + The Finish Oil


Silk Multi-Purpose Essence: It’s a multi-task formula combines the properties of a mild toner and an essence.  It also firms, smooths, and hydrates for younger looking skin.

The Vita Essence: It’s made with a rich combination of peptides and 27 active ingredients that encourage your body to boos its native collagen production.  The collagen molecule is too large to pass through the skin.  So, growing your own is the way to go.  These super collagen boosters will pump, firm, brighten your skin while transform the texture of even the most stressed and dull skin.

The Nourishing Finish OilIt’s a companion to the essences products.  It's used primarily to restore the oils that are necessary to maintain a healthy skin structure.  A combination of naturally occurring oils flood skin with hydration.  



The Gua Sha Routine:

The Finish Oil + Gua Sha

Nourishing your skin and explore the benefits of Gua Sha, a ritual that has been practiced in traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.

Our Otelier Nourishing Finish Oil is designated to promote hydrated, glowing skin, the oil targets stressed out skin with 27+ naturally occurring oils.  The oil can enhance the glide of your Ceramic Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool, aiding a practice that firms face and helps to relieve jaw tension.



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