Our focus centers around three essential products, collectively known as the Collagen Rebirth Trio. Each product is meticulously designed to prioritize healing, hydration, and collagen regeneration, ensuring a comprehensive and nourishing skincare experience. 

Our Values

Highly concentrated, High-performance Ingredients 

No need to stop using what you already have - Our products will complement them.

Ingredient Spotlight: Bulgarian Rose

Our products boast the exquisite scent of Bulgarian rose, derived from the petals of one of the world's rarest flowers. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this fragrance not only imparts a delightful aroma but also offers skin-enhancing qualities, moisturizing and softening the skin. Additionally, the essence of Bulgarian rose contributes to anti-anxiety and psychological relaxation benefits, creating a sensory experience that goes beyond skincare.

How to Repair Damaged Skin Barrior

What can damage your skin barrier?

Daily, your skin defends against a barrage of threats, many of which come from outside your body, and a few come from within.

Some of the external and internal factors that can affect your skin barrier include:

  • too humid or too dry environment
  • allergens, irritants, and pollutants
  • too much sun exposure
  • alkaline detergents and soaps
  • expose to harsh chemicals
  • over-exfoliation or over-washing
  • steroids
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Featuring: Collagen Super Booster - Vita Essence

It’s made with a rich combination of peptides and 27 active ingredients that encourage your body to boos its native collagen production. It helps to stimulate collagen production with its unique peptide chains. 

Main Ingredient Benefits:
Matrixyl 3000™ - Major wrinkle fighting ingredient used as an alternative to Retin A. Increases collagen synthesis up to 350%. We use an 8% concentration for maximum results. 
Argireline NP -  Can reduce the appearance of superficial facial lines & wrinkles with regular use.
SYN®-TC is a SYN® - Peptide, tailor-made that can significantly increases the formation of Collagens. In just 28 days at a usage level of 2.5%, skin became smoother with a softer touch and an improved overall young-looking appearance.
SYN®-HYCAN - is a tripeptide that helps fight skin sagging by boosting the hyaluronic content in the skin.
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Why Otelier?

Words from - Our Creator Dr. Delano

"We put the most costly pepetides and active ingredients in our products. For example, our star product the Vita Essence. It builds collagen from within.  With 40% active ingredients, that's more than ANY other products out there.  Period"

Our Full Ingredients List
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